Rose-Colored Glasses

A few years ago, I found a pair of glasses.  They were very pretty, indeed.  They fit perfectly on my face and  I want to tell you why these glasses are so special.

Before I found them, my world was a different place.  Before I put them on, I couldn’t see that well.  What I could see, was dark, dreary and usually out of focus.  Sometimes, it was so difficult to see, I cried, which made it worse. I could barely see myself without the glasses. Worse still, when I looked out into the world, I could barely see anything at all. Much to my chagrin, there was little to laugh about or enjoy at that time. It seemed as though I was trapped in a cave.  Light filtered through porous rocks in bits and pieces.


The world was filled with images that I couldn’t understand, explain or embrace.  My eyes strained to focus.  People seemed to be frustrated, angry, and hurt as if I wasn’t the only one who couldn’t focus.  I read of murder, war and uncountable tragedies around the world and even in my own back yard.  People were dissatisfied with politics and economics.  Even social media platforms reflected these bitter tastes in everyone’s mouths.  I felt I would soon fall victim to the same.

The images prevented me from seeing clearly.  Children were starving and dying everywhere.  Women were abandoning their babies. People were killing each other over the most ridiculous things.  I would rub my eyes and wonder what made people act so irrationally and irresponsibly.

My broken heart had trouble healing, not just for my circumstances, but also for the world.  I fought to find healing in a divine power.  I struggled to rise up against the horrible things going on around me.  People I thought I knew, were cruel at times. They perjured themselves with their own perceptions of right or wrong.

It was when I fell into utter despair that it happened.  One day, without notice, I found these glasses.  I put them on.  They were a good fit.  Suddenly, I could see clearly.  Through the horror and devastation, there was light.  In the light, I could focus.  I didn’t have to drown in a world of darkness and foreboding.


Strangely, there were people who said mean things to me and tried to get me to remove my glasses.  They claimed I wasn’t focused at all.  They thought I was fooling myself. They insisted the world was truly a ghastly place and everyone had to take care of themselves.  They believed evil outweighed goodness. They were convinced I was wearing the wrong glasses.

I felt sad for them.  They were frozen in their beliefs, bitter in their circumstances and spoke out of fear.  I refused to believe what they believed.  I refused to be fooled into thinking the world was a dark, hopeless place, filled with ugliness and terror.  I began to search for brighter things with my new eyes.  I began to find places and people who also wore the same type of glasses.  Eventually, I began to feel better because I had always believed that where there is light, darkness cannot exist. I wanted to be in the light.  I wanted to be the light.  I learned how to see better with corrected vision.  I began to feel hope and confidence in myself again.

I learned some very valuable lessons.

Without hope, there is only despair.  Without confidence, there is only failure.  I began to structure my mind and eyes around positivity.  I found goodness in terrible situations, including my own.  In fact, I began practicing this new mindset with myself first.  It took a few years to find the right focus.  I failed and tried again, but I never took the glasses off.

Over the last year, I encountered daily challenges that dared me to take the glasses off.  I persisted and overcame difficult situations.  I began to see positive changes occurring in my circumstances.  New things began to appear that weren’t there before – mentally, spiritually, physically and emotionally.  I knew that I ‘d made the right decision.

It is okay to be practical and realistic.  It is not okay to dwell in darkness.  Charles R. Swindoll said, “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.”  In a world that seems discordant at times, it is important to find peace and harmony.  It is even more important to pass that peace and harmony on to others, so that they may share in the light.


My message to you is this: If you should find a pair of rose-colored glasses, try them on.  They may be exactly what you’ve needed all along!  Step out of the darkness and into the light!!



The Joshua Stone by James Barney – A Book Review

James Barney is a new author to my book collection. However, he is not a new author.  He has also written The Genesis Key and I plan to read this book, as well. Because Joshua is one of my favorite Biblical characters, the title immediately caught my attention.  I needed to know if the title had any connection to the Joshua of the Bible.  I picked up the book, scanned the blurb on the back cover, and saw the words “biblical mystery.”  I had found my answer. I read the blurb again, from the beginning, and discovered that two detectives had to “work together to solve a biblical mystery that has confounded scholars for centuries.”  Hmm, I thought.  This might be a good read.  Since I love Biblical mysteries and enjoy a good thriller, I decided to purchase the book.


The Joshua Stone1

I discovered that Barney is an excellent writer.  I say this because he never drops the plot.  The book is action-packed from beginning to end.  I couldn’t put it down!  Although the story plot is a work of fiction, it so believable, I found myself asking the question “What if..?” over and over again.  He created a very intriguing plot with equally believable characters.  He built the characters quickly, yet poignantly, and threw me right into the action.

This is the kind of book that deserves a second read, not because you miss something or don’t understand something the first time, but because once you understand the big picture, you will want to read it again.

Without giving the story away, I’ll say James Barney created a scenario that could actually happen, if there was any truth to the mysterious power he has placed upon the Joshua stone. This stone, when united with other stones of its kind, will cause an unstoppable chain reaction that could affect the entire world!  I believed it! So without further adieu, I gave this book 5 Stars for its incredible imagination, its well-written content, its riveting plot line, and its tasteful development.