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If you have stopped by this page, then I am sure you will agree that there is nothing more exciting than the look, feel, and smell of a brand new book.  I have read many books in my lifetime.  It all began when I was very young.  From the time I was a little girl, I was an avid reader.  I went to Catholic school.  Reading a book was part of my life.  Every week, the class went to the library and chose a book to read.  We read one book a week up through elementary school.  When I attended high school, we read 15 books over the summer vacation.  It was mandatory.  I didn’t mind.  I loved to read a good book.  My love for books continued into adulthood and I have done my best to encourage all my children to read, as well.

The purpose of this page is twofold.  First, it is a page where I will independently review books that I have read recently.  Second, it will become a page where my daughter and I will agree to read a book jointly.  We hope that you will join us. As we read a book together, we will pose questions and encourage other readers to answer the questions with us.  It will be a virtual book club.  We are very excited about this adventure.  The book club will begin in a month or two, as soon as her blog site is ready. Her domain is currently under construction, but both our blogs will be linked to each other, so that you can visit us both.

If you have suggestions on books you would like us to read, please feel free to post a comment.  We will review your suggestions and announce the opening of the Book Review as soon as all things are in place, and we will let you know the book we have chosen, so that you may join the fun.

Thanks for dropping by to read my blog.  I look forward to seeing you again.



11 thoughts on “Book Reviews

    • Ian,
      I have purchased your book. I will read it and then discuss a book review with my daughter. Thanks for reading my Book Review page. If we do a book review, we are planning to read the book as a group, like a virtual book club. Perhaps, when the time comes, you may want to join us. Regardless of whether or not we choose to do that, I will read the book. You will find my review here and at Thanks again, for all your support.


      • A good author deserves to be paid for his work, Ian. I would have it no other way. However, if ever you decide you want to send am an autographed copy, I will not decline the offer.
        Since we are an ocean apart, however, it might be an expensive gesture.
        You received wonderful reviews. So I would like to read it. I hope it is filled with British humor, as it suggests. I love British humor. You are very welcome.


      • Lol An ocean away. I currently reside in North Carolina. You may join me virtually, however. We will beginning the Book Club at the end of May. I will keep you informed! I promise!


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