And now…A word from your blogger!

Are you curious yet?

Today, I would like to tell you something about my book.  It’s been in the creative stage since 2006.  I have mistakenly put many things before my passion and that is why I created this blog.  Call it a self-help method, if you will, but the purpose of this blog is to keep me on track and prevent me from going back on a promise I made to myself – get this book published and off my desk now!!

My genre is fiction/fantasy fiction because it is my favorite form of writing, but I also write poetry and there are a couple of mystery novels roaming around in my brain.  I even have several inspirational faith-based books that I would like to explore with a pen.

Today,  I am writing a fantasy fiction novel. The title of this novel is Silver, The Dream Dragon.  Yes, I said dragon.  No, we are not done with dragon novels yet!  This book will not be your average dragon novel, either.  I plan to incorporate actual mythology with my own imaginative mythology.

It was Mark Twain who once said, “Truth is stranger than fiction, but it is because Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities; Truth isn’t.”   It is my intention to mix truth with fiction so that I may also enjoy the possibilities.  Besides, it is so much more fun to create your own world and live in it as the ruler and creator of all characters!

Dragons are wonderful and mysterious creatures, especially since there is no real evidence of their existence.  Yet, cultures throughout the world have incorporated dragons into their mythologies.  Interesting, I say!  Where did they come from?  How did they end up in so many cultures?  The possibilities are endless!

My story revolves around two human characters and two very talented dragons, who feel and think just like humans do, perhaps with a little more wisdom and compassion than some real humans I know.  These four characters embark on a journey to find Silver, a dragon who has been kidnapped by the dark dragons of another realm.  As the story unfolds, there are times when even I didn’t know what is going to happen.  But, my friend, that is the beauty of writing.  The story evolves as the finger hits the keyboard, which is why I am a passionate writer.  I love a good story, especially one that is happening right before my very eyes!

Today, I wrote two more pages of that story and as usual, the unexpected happened.  I just discovered what is so special about Silver.  You will have to read the book, of course, to find out.

Thanks for being here with me.


7 thoughts on “And now…A word from your blogger!

    • Thank you for visiting my blog. After many detours, I am finally taking the necessary steps to become a published author. I wish you the best of luck in all your endeavors and look forward to reading your novels.


      • I wish you the best, as well. I read your blog about Gage and I really enjoy the way you write. It is vibrant and gave me a visual of this little puppy who will someday make a blind person very happy. I wish all the best in that endeavor, as well.


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